Australia is a world unto itself. Everyone says "Okay, I'm going" for a certain part of their time and plans are made, some go, some cannot go due to certain circumstances. It's the other end of the world, but this continent has so many beauties, it's a world where you can experience everything with its calmness, city hustle and bustle, beach, nightlife and order. It all depends on what you want from Australia. If you go to a language school, you can earn money, learn and travel, so time passes quickly while you are in life and you have already added more to your experiences. It's a huge country, every beach and every place has different beauty, it's endless to visit, but it's also so different from each other.

There are many job opportunities. You have the right to find a job in the field you want, but you have the legal right to work 30 hours a week.


The joy and attitude of people towards life in Italy will give you the strength and courage to follow your heart. Being in Venice, Bologna, Rome or Milan can make you forget all your troubles and problems. Get a map, choose a city, explore and stay cheap on Airbnb. In the morning, you go to the market to buy local delicacies, buy a bottle of fine wine and enjoy life. Ideally, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Italy from your balcony.

Sit in a local cafe for a cup of coffee, listen to the locals talk about their general conversation, or sunbathe by the sea - Italy is a great place to find yourself! And you never have to worry about loneliness or boredom, connecting with people is so easy!

Italy Trip

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