men's bracelet


There's one spot on the map that holds your deepest memories more than any other place. Just find a place that means a lot to you or the person receiving the gift. Write the location on our product page and the coordinates of that location will be selected.

Some popular locations include:
- Where you first met your partner
- Where you grew up
- Where you fell in love
- Your favorite travel location
- Where he said YES
- Your most meaningful position

Date / Special Day

Engrave the date when something special or your life changed. It's a great gift for someone close to you to remember that day that you both cherish.

Some popular dates include:
- The date you first met
- Date of the offer
- Date of graduation
- The most meaningful date

Handwriting and Shapes

Keep those beautiful personalized ink lines forever

Write or draw on a piece of paper (or find an old note worth remembering forever). Take a picture and upload it to the product page, our team will remove the background and engrave exact fine lines onto your custom piece of jewellery, it will surely be the most personal piece of jewelery you or the recipient will ever own.

Some popular ideas are:
- a handwritten note
- a simple children's drawing
- hand drawn symbols
- notes from deceased loved ones

Morse Code

Our newest addition to the engraving options is morse code. Type your word on the product page and see the corresponding morse code. It's a great way to encrypt your engraving and not let everyone around you know what it means.

Remember that one letter in Morse code is 2-5 lines/dot, so the number of characters you can type is limited. We recommend going with one word (or 2-3 short words like I LOVE YOU).

Spotify Code

Choose your song or music that reflects your style and let's engrave that code on your gorgeous bracelet or necklace.

Just have your style, your album, your style instantly on your wrist or neck.

We have integrated this special gift for you with technology.

Now all you have to do is send us that song that is special to you.